[IMG: Finger On The Pulse] Finger On The Pulse is a show (that used to be) broadcast on San Francisco Public Access Television. Using mostly live concert footage, the show aims to introduce the viewer to the talented musicians based in the San Francisco bay area, as well as those who visit the bay area as part of larger tours.

The show is my attempt to help the artists whose music I love have their music be heard by more people. I also want to inspire folks to be excited by live performances and to go check out music in our great, local venues. To that end, if you are looking for some good shows to go to, have a look at the upcoming bay area shows page, where I list shows that I'm excited about seeing. Also, I sometimes get to do radio shows, and here are the setlists from my radio shows if you are curious. Finally, here is a list of bay area music links.

Read the FAQ if you want to learn more about the show. I'm happy to answer questions and welcome any comments or feedback you have about the show--seriously, I love getting mail about the show, so please drop me a line. Also, there is a thank you page because this show wouldn't exist without some great folks who have helped along the way.

I created a myspace page for the show, so feel free to add me as a friend if you are so inclined. There are also excerpts from the show available for download for those of you who can't watch the show. Or, you can read my thoughts on the best music of 2005, best music of 2006, and best music of 2007.

NOTE: As of August 31, 2006, Finger On The Pulse is on hiatus. I have given up my timeslot and am taking a break from producing the show. Not sure if I'll pick it up again or not. Many thanks for all of your support during the two years I produced the show. As of August 2007, I live in London, and haven't decided how to get involved in the London music scene beyond publishing my list of upcoming London shows.

Thanks for watching,
Sarah Gordon
Producer, Finger On The Pulse

Songs available for Download:
I'm working on getting some more samples from the show online because I know that not everyone can watch the show. This is an ongoing project. I'm still not sure what the best encoding options and formats are, etc. The links below are to episode pages that have songs to download on them. You'll need
RealPlayer to view them. Some of these have made it to YouTube. Enjoy!
  • From Episode #19: The Lonelyhearts performing "Seasons Past"
  • From Episode #20: Leyna Noel performing "7:45a.m." and "Speedboat Wake"
  • From Episode #24: The Finches performing "Goettingen, Du"
  • From Episode #25: Mandrake performing "Broken Record"
  • From Episode #26: The Red Thread performing "Ship In The Attic"
  • From Episode #27: Peluka performing "Diana"
  • From Episode #28: The Harbours performing "Footfall"
  • From Episode #29: elephone performing "Night Terrors"
  • From Episode #30: BROOKHAVEN performing "Out On The Floor"
  • From Episode #31: MOGGS performing "Fathom"
  • From Episode #32: My Life Is On The Line performing "Untitled #15"
  • From Episode #33: San Francisco Chamber Orchestra performing "Concerto in D minor for Two Violins", Movement III: Allegro
    Shows available for Download:
  • Download Episode #1 featuring Subimage
  • Download Episode #5 featuring Xiu Xiu
    Mailing List:
    The best way to keep informed about the show is to subscribe to the show's low-traffic, announcement-only mailing list where I send info and reminders for upcoming episodes. You can also send me email at sarahatfingeronthepulsedotorg to ask that I add you. I also post reminders to the sf_indie list and to craigslist.
    Episode Guide:

    [IMG: Subimage]
    Episode #1, Shot on July 9, 2004: San Francisco synthpop heroes Subimage at the Red Devil Lounge.

    [IMG: Helio Sequence]
    Episode #2, Shot on August 9, 2004: Have you ever gone to a concert and left with a big smile on your face? That's what happens every time I see the The Helio Sequence play. Their recent Cafe Du Nord show was no exception.

    [IMG: Statuesque]
    Episode #3, Shot on August 15 - 21, 2004: All the way from London, musical genius Statuesque played a handful of wonderful shows in the San Francisco Bay Area during one crazy week in August 2004. From the 1996 EP Angleterre to the recently released full-length album Choir Above Fire Below, Statuesque has been releasing the most lyrically and musically brilliant albums of any artist I've come across thus far.

    [IMG: Anton Barbeau]
    Episode #4, Shot August 15, 2004 - August 21, 2004: Sacramento pop icon Anton Barbeau, who played some of the shows with Statuesque and Scott Miller, is the star of this episode. Anton's brilliant, quirky lyrics and excellent showmanship are two reasons not to miss this episode.

    [IMG: Xiu Xiu]
    Episode #5, Shot August 29, 2004: Xiu Xiu's gig at the Bottom Of The Hill was great. Xiu Xiu is producing some of the most compelling new music I've heard lately. If you've never heard them, definitely check them out.

    [IMG: Scott Miller]
    Episode #6, Shot August 15, 2004 - August 21, 2004: Scott Miller of the Loud Family played some of the shows with Statuesque and Anton Barbeau. Scott has been a musical hero of mine for nearly ten years, and it is a privilege to do a show featuring his music. (The Xiu Xiu episode slid ahead of this because I wanted to air it before the election, as there was a bit of political content in it.)

    [IMG: Eleni Mandell]
    Episode #7, Shot on September 28, 2004: Eleni Mandell played a wonderful gig at the Make-Out Room. That is such an intimate venue, and it suits her thoughtful songs perfectly.

    [IMG: The Music Lovers]
    Episode #8, Shot on September 20, 2004: The classiest act in town, The Music Lovers played an excellent show at the Make-Out Room.

    [IMG: Secret Synthi]
    Episode #9, Shot on October 15, 2004: Secret Synthi played a synth-filled and rockin' gig at Blake's in Berkeley.

    [IMG: Judith and Holofernes]
    Episode #10, Shot on November 12, 2004: Judith and Holofernes are played a heartfelt gig at the Brainwash. I fell in love with fado when I was in Lisbon, and Judith and Holofernes seamlessly integrate some of the aspects of that style of music that I love in their music.

    [IMG: Rust Belt Music]
    Episode #11, Shot in September and October 2004: I only discovered Rust Belt Music back in September, just as they were playing their final shows together, and I was quite impressed with their dynamic live performances and the strength of their songs.

    [IMG: Manishevitz]
    Episode #12, Shot December 2, 2004: Manishevitz, a Roxy Music-esque band from Chicago, played a tight set at the Bottom Of The Hill.

    [IMG: Boyskout]
    Episode #13, Shot January 21, 2005: Boyskout had all the kids dancing during their set at the Bottom Of The Hill.

    [IMG: Film School]
    Episode #14, Shot January 21, 2005: Film School, one of my favorite San Francisco bands, played a captivating set at the Bottom Of The Hill.

    [IMG: El Olio Wolof]
    Episode #15, Shot January 26, 2005: El Olio Wolof brought their charms from Merced, CA to the Cafe Du Nord.

    [IMG: Judith and Holofernes]
    Episode #16, Shot on March 12, 2005: I invited Judith and Holofernes to appear on my show again because I wanted to record them at the AccessSF Studios, where I could have a more controled environment to film their subtle, brilliant tunes.

    [IMG: The Dead Science]
    Episode #17, Shot on March 3, 2005: The Dead Science played a haunting set at the Bottom Of The Hill.

    [IMG: wesafari]
    Episode #18, Shot on March 27, 2005: Seattle's wesafari played an outstanding set at the Make-Out Room. So this is what post-rock is...I dig it.

    [IMG: The Lonelyhearts]
    Episode #19, Shot on March 27, 2005 and May 15, 2005: I was lucky to film two great shows by The Lonelyhearts.

    [IMG: Leyna Noel] [IMG: Meric Long]
    Episode #20, Shot on June 7, 2005: Leyna Noel and Meric Long played wonderfully intimate sets at San Francisco's Make-Out Room. These performances were part of the 9th Annual Mission Creek Music And Arts Festival.

    [IMG: Seventeen Evergreen] [IMG: Channing Cope]
    Episode #21, Shot on June 9, 2005: Seventeen Evergreen and Channing Cope shared the bill for a great evening at San Francisco's Make-Out Room. These performances were part of the 9th Annual Mission Creek Music And Arts Festival.

    [IMG: Ral Partha Vogelbacher] [IMG: Thee More Shallows]
    Episode #22, Shot on June 8, 2005: Ral Partha Vogelbacher and Thee More Shallows were part of an outstanding bill at San Francisco's Rickshaw Stop. These performances were part of the 9th Annual Mission Creek Music And Arts Festival.

    [IMG: Audio Out Send] [IMG: Fiji Mermaid]
    Episode #23, Shot on June 7 and 9, 2005: Audio Out Send and Fiji Mermaid played their tunes at San Francisco's Make-Out Room as part of the 9th Annual Mission Creek Music And Arts Festival.

    [IMG: The Finches]
    Episode #24, Shot on June 18, 2005: The Finches came to the AccessSF Studios to play a set of their beautiful, acoustic tunes.

    [IMG: Mandrake] [IMG: Mandrake]
    Episode #25, Shot on July 31, 2005: Mandrake played an impressive set at San Francisco's Make-Out Room.

    [IMG: The Red Thread]
    Episode #26, Shot on July 31, 2005: The Red Thread previewed their catchy tunes from their new record at San Francisco's Make-Out Room.

    [IMG: Peluka]
    Episode #27, Shot on July 30, 2005: Peluka played some great new songs from their forthcoming album at San Francisco's mysterious Secret Studios.

    [IMG: The Harbours]
    Episode #28, Shot on October 8, 2005: The Harbours, a new band in San Francisco, rocked out in Joe's Garage.

    [IMG: elephone]
    Episode #29, Shot on October 27, 2005: elephone treated the audience to a preview of some of their new tunes at San Francisco's Make-Out Room.

    [IMG: brookhaven]
    Episode #30, Shot on October 27, 2005: BROOKHAVEN brought their atmospheric music to San Francisco's Make-Out Room.

    [IMG: moggs]
    Episode #31, Shot on February 6, 2006: MOGGS rocked San Francisco's Elbo Room.

    [IMG: mylifeisontheline]
    Episode #32, Shot on February 2, 2006: My Life Is On The Line played their farewell show at San Francisco's Make-Out Room.

    [IMG: sanfranciscochamberorchestra]
    Episode #33, Shot on February 17, 2006: San Francisco Chamber Orchestra premiered a newly commissioned work by Richard Aldag and treated us to a J.S. Bach classic at San Francisco's Herbst Theatre.

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    Bands that I've been in touch with about being featured: The Catholic Comb Petracovich

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