[IMG: Finger On The Pulse] Finger On The Pulse, Episode #8 (Shot on September 20, 2004):
The Music Lovers are San Francisco's classiest band. This episode
features the excellent set they recently played at The Make-Out Room.

[IMG: The Music Lovers]

Broadcast Date:
Sunday, December 5, 2004, 9:30pm - 10:00pm, San Francisco Comcast Cable Channel 29

Episode Credits:
All songs written and copyrighted by Matthew 'Ted' Edwards
Performed by
  Jun Kurihara: accordion, keyboards, vocals, tambourine
  Bryan Cain: guitar, vocals
  Colin Sherlock: drums
  Jon Brooder: bass
  Matthew 'Ted' Edwards, vocals, guitar
Filming and editing: Sarah Gordon

Episode Setlist:
Virginia Lights
This World vs. The Next World
The Former Miss Ontario
Sometimes People Just Do Stupid Things
Alan Lake
The Train Home
The Sailor And You
The Sea And The Sun

Related Links:
http://www.themusiclovers.net/ (Band's website)
http://www.magistery.com/ (Band's label's website)

Episode Notes:
Ah, the Make-Out Room. I do love that place (two shows in a row filmed there...I suppose you could've guessed that I love it). Sure, it is a bit dark for filming, but The Music Lovers could play in the dark, and it would still be a great show. Their new album "The Words We Say Before We Sleep" is fantastic. It's one of the more romantic albums I've heard lately, and it keeps drawing me back for further listens. The band is incredibly charming live--be sure to check them out!

Episode Errata:

  • None so far.

    Equipment Used:
    Footage was shot on the Sony DCR-HC20 on MiniDV. The show was edited at the AccessSF edit suite.

    Copyright ©2004-2006, Sarah Gordon, sarahatfingeronthepulsedotorg, www.fingeronthepulse.org