[IMG: Finger On The Pulse] I occasionally have the pleasure of being a guest DJ on a radio show or helping a DJ friend pick songs. I love doing it because I get to share the music I love with whomever happens to be listening. Here are some of the things I've played.

May 23, 2005, 2-4pm For two hours, I was driving the decks at Pirate Cat Radio. For this set, I tried to play a lot of artists who are playing at the Mission Creek Music Festival, as well as other miscellaneous upcoming gigs (like the excellent upcoming City Sessions show and the Nick Drake Tribute show at the Cafe Du Nord.) Most of the artists I played are local, with some exceptions.

Subimage - Nastiness
Secret Synthi - Here Comes The Disco Machine
jerseyturnpike - balance
wesafari - whale boy
Steam Engine - New Year's Eve
The Lonelyhearts - Lessons From Spirits
beam - Les Anges N'Ont pas d'Ailes
The National - Friend Of Mine
Boyskout - Jesse James
[the] caseworker - approaching the coast
The Loud Family - Blackness Blackness
The Finches - The House With Two Front Doors
The Aislers Set - Attraction Action Reaction
Judith And Holofernes - Hope And Hopelessness
Xiu Xiu - Crank Heart
Madelia - Non-Fiction
Readyville - An El Camino Is A Car (from their KALX session)
Novi Split - I Had You
Casiotone For The Painfully Alone - Jeane If You're Ever In Portland
Statuesque - Winter Was My Teacher
Deerhoof - Gigadance
Film School - Activated
Matt Bauer - Water Moccasin
Summer At Shatter Creek - Your Ever Changing Moods
Frog Eyes - A Latex Age (Ego Scriptor version)
Kelley Stoltz - Popular Diseases
20 Minute Loop - Mompha Termina
Robotnicka - L'Espoir
Loki - Shiverglow
Bethany Curve - The Means

May 8, 2005, 6:30-9pm I tricked the Boy Wonder into playing some of the tunes I had brought with me during his set on KALX. Only the stuff I chose is below. It is taken out of context because I don't have the full set list for the evening (nor the ordering of the stuff I played). I might also be forgeting something because I only wrote stuff down after the fact.

Frog Eyes - Bells In The Crooked Port (Ego Scriptor version)
The Finches - Daniel's Song
Manishevitz - Ice Pick
Television Pershonalities - Three Wishes
The Dead Science - Batty
Judith And Holofernes - When The Body Stops Breathing (In The First Place)
Jukeboxer - Terrestrial
The National - Friend Of Mine

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