[IMG: Finger On The Pulse] Finger On The Pulse, Episode #19 (Shot on March 27 and May 15, 2005):
On a rainy Easter Sunday, The Lonelyhearts played an intimate set at San Francisco's Make-Out Room. I also recorded some of their tunes at a living room show in Berkeley.

[IMG: The Lonelyhearts]

Broadcast Date:
Sunday, June 19, 2005, 9:30pm - 10:00pm, San Francisco Comcast Cable Channel 29
Sunday, July 16, 2006, 9:30pm - 10:00pm, San Francisco Cable Channel 29

Download Available
"Seasons Past", 8Mb, 2:32, RealPlayer required

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Episode Credits:
All songs written by The Lonelyhearts (Copyright 2005)
Performed by
  John Lindenbaum, vocals, guitar
  Andre Perry, vocals, keyboards
Filming and editing: Sarah Gordon

Episode Setlist:
The Museum Of Tolerance (The Make-Out Room)
Patriot Axe (The Make-Out Room)
Seasons Past (The Make-Out Room) (Download available, "Seasons Past", 8Mb, 2:32, RealPlayer required)
When Kings Fought In Their Own Wars (The Make-Out Room)
Walk The Miles (The Living Room)
Sell The House, The Car, The Kids (I'm Not Coming Back) (The Living Room)
Next Year Is Shaping Up To Be Real Awesome (The Living Room)
Grove Street (The Living Room)
absinthe/resolution (The Living Room)

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http://www.thelonelyhearts.net/ (Band's website)
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Episode Notes:
The Make-Out Room's cozy and chill atmosphere was the perfect environment for The Lonelyhearts' gig. I can't wait for their new full-length album--their new material is great! Faithful viewers will recall Episode #11, which featured John and Andre's old band Rust Belt Music.

Episode Errata:

  • None so far!

    Equipment Used:
    Footage was shot on the Sony DSR-PD150 on MiniDV. The show was edited at the AccessSF edit suite.

    Copyright ©2004-2006, Sarah Gordon, sarahatfingeronthepulsedotorg, www.fingeronthepulse.org