[IMG: Finger On The Pulse] Finger On The Pulse, Episode #1 (Shot on July 9, 2004):
San Francisco synthpop heroes Subimage at Red Devil Lounge (San Francisco, CA).

[IMG: Subimage]

Broadcast Dates:
Sunday, July 25, 2004 -- 7pm, San Francisco Comcast Cable Channel 29
Thursday, July 29, 2004 -- 10:30pm, San Francisco Comcast Cable Channel 29
Saturday, July 31, 2004 -- 7:30pm, San Francisco Comcast Cable Channel 29
Sunday, August 15, 2004 -- 8:00pm, San Francisco Comcast Cable Channel 29

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Episode Credits:
All songs written by Christopher Campbell (Copyright 2004)
Performed by
  Chris Campbell, voice, guitar, keyboards
  James Polanco, scratching, guitars
  Chris Walcott, electro-drums, percussion
Interviewer: Lisa Campbell
Filming and editing: Sarah Gordon

Episode Setlist:
Dearest Mentor
Such Things
Polar Skies
Generic Guitar Song

Episode Notes:
Wow, this was the first show I shot. I learned a ton and had a blast. A big thanks to Subimage for making this such a fun experience.

Related Links:
http://www.subimage.net/ (Band's website)
http://www.adifferentdrum.com/fest/ (Synthpop festival in Salt Lake City, Utah)

Episode Errata:

  • Ack! In haste to complete the show before my editing time slot expired, I didn't give an official credit to the wonderful Lisa Campbell for her interviewing work! Mea culpa. Fortunately, her name does appear twice during the show and in the Thank You section, but I still feel bad for leaving it out of the formal credits section. Sorry, Lisa! If you do another interview for me, I'll credit you twice!
  • While I'm here, I figured I'd also list things I would change given more time. I think I would've done away with the opening theme music and instead used the beginning of Subimage's first song for it. Some of the "fade in/out to/from black" work goes on for too many frames and interrupts the flow. I think fading just the audio would've worked better and using direct cuts with no fades (or at least way quicker fades with no extra black). I think some of the framing could be a bit tighter. I'd do the interview in a quieter place or use a hand held microphone. The setting was just too loud, so even a mic might have picked up too much background noise. But then again, it wouldn't have had that same backstage feel... Of course, I would've wanted to record the audio during the show without it peaking too high, but there was nothing in the camera to allow that to be better. But before I critique this thing out of existence, I think it turned out pretty well for a first show, and I'm excited to do another episode. Did I mention that I wouldn't have left out Lisa's name from the credits for interviewer? Sigh... If you have other suggestions for how to improve the show, I'd love to hear them.

    Equipment Used:
    I borrowed a Sony DCR-HC20 from work to shoot this episode on MiniDV. It fits in my purse! I can't believe how small it is. The quality seems reasonable given the conditions of a loud club, though the audio did clip due to the overwhelmingly loud sound of the club environment. I'm curious to compare it to the TV studio's field camera, which has a mic attenuation switch that may help prevent the audio from being too hot. The show was edited at the AccessSF edit suite--the old-school way!

    Copyright ©2004-2006, Sarah Gordon, sarahatfingeronthepulsedotorg, www.fingeronthepulse.org