[IMG: Finger On The Pulse] Finger On The Pulse, Episode #12 (Shot on December 2, 2004):
I finally got to catch a show by the Chicago-based band Manishevitz
at San Francisco's Bottom Of The Hill, and what a fun show it was!

[IMG: Manishevitz]

Broadcast Date:
Sunday, February 20, 2005, 9:30pm - 10:00pm, San Francisco Comcast Cable Channel 29
Sunday, March 5, 2006, 9:30pm - 10:00pm, San Francisco Cable Channel 29

Episode Credits:
All songs written by Manishevitz (Copyright 2004)
Performed by
  Adam Busch, vocals, guitar
  Via Nuon, guitar
  Ryan Hembrey, bass
  Nate Lepine, saxophone, flute
  Jason Toth, drums
Filmed by Michael Goff and Sarah Gordon
Edited by Sarah Gordon

Episode Setlist:
Cinnamon Sky
Private Lines
Colorado Shore
Hate Ilene
Mary Ann
East To East

Related Links:
http://www.manishevitz.com/ (Band's website)
http://www.jagjaguwar.com/ (Band's label's website)

Episode Notes:
Oh how I love filming at the Bottom of the Hill. Of course, it is a bit hard to film when you want to dance to the music, and Manishevitz's music inspires a bit of dancing around. I first discovered Manishevitz's music when listening to a college radio station (KALX?) many years ago. The song was "Ice Pick", and it was a very dark and striking country-ish ballad. I was hooked. Fast forward about 5 years and Manishevitz has evolved their sound more in the direction of Roxy Music. I love the sound of the earlier stuff dearly, but the new stuff is a bit more fun and rockin'.

Episode Errata:

  • None so far.

    Equipment Used:
    Footage was shot on both the Sony DCR-HC20 and Sony DSR-PD150 on MiniDV. The show was edited at the AccessSF edit suite.

    Copyright ©2004-2006, Sarah Gordon, sarahatfingeronthepulsedotorg, www.fingeronthepulse.org