[IMG: Finger On The Pulse] NOTE: Since moving to London in 2007, I no longer maintain this page actively, sorry for the dead links


Producing a television show on the bay area's music scene means I have to put in some hours researching music. It is a labor of love, but there are some great sites that make my life easier or that I'm just happy exist. These sites are below. If I'm missing something or have a broken link, let me know (email to sarahatfingeronthepulsedotorg). Most of this stuff is based in the San Francisco bay area, but not all of it is. I've included things that I think are great resources even if they are non-local. This page is just getting off the ground so bear with me as I slowly add stuff. Please don't be offended if I haven't listed your site (but send me email to remind me to do so!)

  • Show Listings
    The Bay Bridged
    Music In SF
    The List
    The List Highlights
    Sonic Living
    Playing In Fog Calendar and Music Resource Links
    Bagel Radio's Recommendations
    Transbay Creative Music Calendar

  • Sites With Music Videos to Download/Watch
    Finger On The Pulse (yay, my show finally has downloads!)
    Burn My Eye (The excellent old public access show showcasing the noisier side of the SF music scene)
    B.A.M. (The Bay Area Music Show) (another well produced public access music show)
    TribeTV (and yet another well produced public access show)
    Live Eye TV (Seattle's awesome music show)
    The Little Show (new public access show featuring local performances of varied genres)
    Mouse Army (Video of local SF live performances)
    Valse Hot Multimedia
    Punkcast (fantastic live footage from NY venues)
    Pacific Noise (local SF video podcast)

  • Music Blogs, Online Reviews, Concert Series, Etc.
    Playing In Fog (my favorite resource for local reviews, discovering local artists, etc...highly recommended)
    Foghorn by Craig Ness (SF music blog)
    3hive (nice mp3 blog)
    City Sessions (fantastic evening of acoustic music + Ethiopian food)
    Cool Waves (local shoegaze, post-rock and dream-pop artists)
    Music For America (organization using music to promote awareness to political issues)
    Tiny Mix Tapes (great online resource for reviews, etc)
    The Owl Mag (local music magazine)
    Panache (another great local music magazine)
    Indie-Music.com article on SF
    sf_indie list (yahoo group for the SF indie scene)
    Mission Creek Music Festival (fantastic indie music festival featuring mostly local artists)
    Catbirdseat (music blog)
    sctas (music blog)
    The Bay Bridged (Local SF podcast)
    SFist Music Archive (blog featuring local music news)
    NPR Live Concert Series (live concert audio)
    The Deli SF (local SF artists)
    Music In SF

  • Radio
    Bagel Radio (great live broadcast Friday 9am-5pm)
    KFJC (Foothill College's station)
    KALX (Berkeley's station)
    KZSU (Standford's station)
    KDVS (UC Davis Station. Tune into Cool As Folk on Friday, 9:30am-12pm)
    KUSF (USF's station)
    SomaFM (especially Indie Pop Rocks)
    Pirate Cate Radio (local pirate radio station)
    TripleJ (Australian radio)
    Late Junction ("A laid-back, eclectic mix of music from across the globe." (BBC radio))

  • Record Stores
    Aquarius Records (great local SF record store with online reviews, samples)
    Amoeba Music (free in-store performances, great selection, fantastic deals in the clearance bins)
    Mod Lang (small Berkeley store that is good for imports)

  • Media Production

    Sarah Gordon, sarahatfingeronthepulsedotorg, www.fingeronthepulse.org