Finger On The Pulse]

For the most part, this is a one-woman show. But there have been so many folks who have helped me along the way and continue to be helpful that I just wanted to call that out somewhere. If this sort of thing strikes you as corny, well, I can't say I'd disagree with you, but that's why browsers have 'back' buttons: for a quick escape! So this will be a bit rambly, and forgive me if I don't mention you specifically. You all know who you are anyway and you don't need to read how wonderful you are here, right?

Okay, so first off, folks at the San Francisco Public Access Television trained me on how to produce a show and have continued to provide technical guidance to help me improve my show.

Chris Campbell of Subimage was a very cooperative guinea pig for the first show. If that shoot had been a disaster, I probably wouldn't have continued.

The artists and venues have been incredibly great to work with. I've made some great friends doing this show.

The promoters of the SF music scene. Things like Playing In Fog that make discovering new, great music easy.

My folks had an old, big, heavy VHS camcorder so when I was growing up, I played around with it a bit. Anyway, the fact that at an early age I was able to play with media creation has allowed it to be a constant interest in my life (you can see one of my early collaborations here: Even Stick Figures Get The Blues). My dad's love of photography and my sister and her husband's love of film also encouraged my appreciation for the visual arts.

My job lent me the camera that I shot my first show on. Probably wouldn't have done it otherwise, so thanks guys! I'll give that camera back real soon now, fear not...

Danek Duvall provides the top notch-est tech support out there and hosts this site free of charge, bless his heart. He was amazingly supportive during the early episodes and even demonstrated his mad filming skills during the Helio Sequence interview.

All the folks who have shot footage with me in the field, especially the first two: tack and Michael Goff. The show is always more interesting to watch with more camera angles, so thanks for helping out.

The producers at the public access television station have been great mentors, especially Cecilia Populus-Eudave. I've learned so much by crewing on other people's shows and working with truly motivated and inspiring folks at the channel. And also thanks to the folks who have crewed on my studio shoots. It's so great to work with folks who are dedicated and willing to give up their Saturdays to help you on a shoot.

There are a lot of other music shows past and present. I am in great company doing this, and I love seeing other people promoting the music scene like I am trying to do. The more the merrier. I love to hear about what other people are doing on this front, so get in touch!

The viewers! Can you believe I even get the occasional fan letter? So exciting to know folks watch and enjoy the show.

Xiu Xiu, BitTorrent, and waverunner.tv. I was getting kind of burnt out on doing the show toward the end of 2004. I wasn't sure that anyone was watching it, etc, so why bother? But then the Xiu Xiu episode was put online and people all over the world downloaded it. And blogged about it. And it felt pretty great the show was of interest to folks and that got me excited about the show all over again. With any luck, I'll have more stuff online soon.

And everyone else...thank you!

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